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Superb Quality Makes Our Silk Flowers Real, Vivid and Sturdy

If there is one thing we learnt from the 20 years of business operation, it is that superb quality is the foundation for your satisfaction and our success. High quality effectively translates the idea of designer into life and endows a silk flower arrangements with soul. Therefore, over these years, we have devoted ourselves to ensuring superior product quality from choosing fine raw materials, integrating craftsmanship into each production procedure, managing factory with advanced 8S system, meticulously packaging finished products and meeting the personalized requirements of each customer.


Selecting fine raw materials is our first step towards ensuring product quality.


Senior technicians rigorously execute each production procedure.


We fit separate parts together to craft a vivid and life-like faux floral arrangements


We customize packaging according to the specific request of client.


We pack silk flowers into layers of boxes and cartons to keep them in good shape.


Once our wholesale artificial flowers are packed into boxes, they are ready to be delivered.

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