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Love Faded, but Silk Flowers Last Forever!


Life-like artificial flowers bring passion, surprise, amazement and eternal beauty to our life. Be it blossoming spring, a cool summer by the sea, golden autumn with leaves falling or frosty winter immersed in white romance, you can always achieve these special effects and create special atmosphere with our elaborately arranging silk flowers. Since these artificial flowers bloom forever, the beautiful wishes expressed with these flowers will not fade away either.


First setting your eyes on these silk flowers, you might be amazed by its life-like appearances. They look so real that they seemed like just picked from the field, still carrying with them the fragrance of wind, frost, rain, dewdrop and earth. Their bright colors make you feel dizzy and intoxicated. When you gaze into them, you feel like admiring a three-dimensional oil painting. Living in the forest of concrete and cement, we are all thirsty for the scent of nature, flowers, grass and wood. Packed in small buildings, we all feel suppressed occasionally and desperate to escape. The artificial flowers and plants decoration transports your mind to the nature and refreshes you instantly when you are exhausted and bored.


To help you seek inner peace and fulfill our customers’ needs, we design vivid silk flowers following the latest trend and fashion. Our silk flowers could be used to decorate wedding, funeral, holidays or other special occasions. Used as wedding bouquet, they represent everlasting love and keep your memory fresh for a lifetime. At funeral, they brighten the bleak and gloomy cemetery and bring life and vigor to your beloved ones. When holiday comes around corner, our silk flowers are the first and best choice to add the ambiance to your home. On special occasions, they are also perfect to be sent to your loved and cared ones as gifts to bring joy and pleasant surprise to them. They bloom forever and doesn’t require daily maintenance. They are always there, quietly and cheerfully, pleasing your eyes and heart.


Our products consist of two main categories including artificial flowers and artificial plants which are available in the forms of bush, single stem, spray, ball, wreath, garlands and hanging vine. Customized services allow clients to pick their favored style, color, price and package. If the order reaches a certain quantity, we also create new model according to the specific requirements of clients. We understand that the package of silk flowers might be your major concern since they are so delicate. To keep them intact and preserve their original shape and status, we carefully pack the flowers loosely in the boxes to prevent them from being pressed or distorted. We guarantee that when the products are delivered to your door, they are ready to be displayed out-of-the-box.


To improve the quality of our products and better understand our customers’ demands, we attend exhibitions regularly to display our latest products and communicate with clients face to face to exchange views. We incorporate clients’ suggestions into the design of our products to narrow the gap between supply and demand. Our artificial flowers and plants could be purchased directly from our factory or online. Once the order is placed, we will instantly process the order and arrange the product delivery. It is our mission to prioritize client’s needs and manage to satisfy them with products of superior quality.

Buy a silk flower now to renew an old friendship, express a genuine love and send warm blessings.

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