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The history of silk flowers

dated back to one thousand and three hundred years. It is said that the Magnificent Concubine of emperor Xuanzong, Yang Yuhuan has a scar on the left corner of her forehead. More+Every day, she asks her maid to pluck a fresh flower to wear it on the hair of her temple to cover the scar. When winter comes, the fresh flowers wither. An ingenious maid makes an artificial flower with silk and presents it to Yang Yuhuan who finds it amazing. Afterwards, this artificial flower spreads to the common folk and gradually develops into an exquisite artwork.
Nowadays, silk flowers could be seen on various occasions like opening ceremony, wedding, office, home and festivals. We use silk flowers to decorate our environments, express passionate love and send blessings. In this blog page, we will post blogs regularly to introduce the culture behind our products and enlighten you on the occasions to use them. Follow us to learn the latest products, events and stories concerning silk flowers. Please view the blog articles below to develop a further understanding of our products.

Life-like Artificial Flowers Crafted from Rigorous Production Procedure

Life-like Artificial Flowers Crafted from Rigorous Production Procedure

Sep 26, 2019

First of all, we start from producing plastic accessories, petals, leaves and branches separately which are to be fit together for semi-finished high-quality silk flowers. Secondly, we assemble half-finished silk wedding flowers, such as flower heads, with plastic accessories, petals…

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Craftsmanship Spirit Integrated into Production Procedure of Artificial Flowers

Aug 15, 2019

Our factory consists of raw material area, processing area, semi-finished products, quality control room, packaging room and injection machine sourced from Japan. Our senior technicians complete each production procedure with craftsmanship and pay scrupulous attention to every detail. Fully dedicated…

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Take Our Silk Flowers Home, Turn Your Life into Spring

Jul 17, 2019

Preserved Flowers, Everlasting Feelings. Fresh flowers fade away too fast. Looking for alternatives to express your everlasting feelings to loves ones? Artificial flowers blooming forever are your perfect choice. Our silk flowers and greenery are so life-like that at first…

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Wholesale Silk Flowers Crafted from High-quality Materials

Jun 28, 2019

To prevent the petals from shredding or unevenly coloring, we select quality cloth of high density, such as 190TA pongee, 210TAFU soft silk and real touch satin to craft artificial flower arrangement. The plastic material is LDPE sourced from Singapore.…

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Superb Quality Makes Our Silk Flowers Real, Vivid and Sturdy

May 28, 2019

If there is one thing we learnt from the 20 years of business operation, it is that superb quality is the foundation for your satisfaction and our success. High quality effectively translates the idea of designer into life and endows…

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Love Faded, but Silk Flowers Last Forever!

Oct 23, 2018

Life-like artificial flowers bring passion, surprise, amazement and eternal beauty to our life. Be it blossoming spring, a cool summer by the sea, golden autumn with leaves falling or frosty winter immersed in white romance, you can always achieve these…

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